Who we are 
Our principles concerning our way of being keep us sharpened and keep our organization together during the ups and downs.

1. You must have an attitude to the world
It should be demanding to work here and with us, because we are constantly focusing on what we want to achieve. And we are prepared to fight for the right solution. This is why we expect you to have an ethos in relation to your profession, your life and to the communities we work with together. But do not confuse self-dependence with stubbornness.

2. You become wiser
You must not only be good at solving challenges. You should be able to get involved in the projects to such an extent that you yourself become part of the process of creating the right solution. We are the ones that make the tasks more fun, and we do this by becoming involved deeply in the matter and by bringing interdisciplinary into play. This, you learn from.

3. Seek and you shall find
We love untapped potentials. Therefore, you must dare to ask questions. Even if the answer can be quite different from what you first expected. You must be adaptable in the original sense of the word. In return you will get the possibility  to create something new every single day you go to work.

4. You must argue with words
Think of a circus or think of a city. It can be hard to detach from certain ideas about how things should look. Therefore we encourage you not to think in pictures. Describe the world in words and let your projects convince the world through the power of ideas and arguments.

5. We can change the foundation if it is in our way
There are no principles for who you are and who I am. Common to all of us is that we seek the light and reach out to the world.