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Venice Architecture Biennale 2014: Empowerment of Aesthetics

The Danish pavilion is part of a larger project debating the future of Denmark. In the big scenario project called DK2050, both rationality and aesthetics are crucial powers, when creating images of our future cities and society. DK2050 e.g. asks; How will we live in Denmark in the year 2050? How can cities, politicians and each one of us participate and navigate in the decision making on our common road into a sustainable future? 

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Service Design of exhibition
Location Venice, Italy
Type Exhibition, R&D
Client The Danish ministry of culture
Design period 2013-14
Realization 2014
Area 130 m2
Partner Danish Architecture Center

My ambition is to present the interrelationship of forgotten, repressed or underexposed parts of the dynamic Danish modernity. Not only in the history of architecture, but also in science, art and poetry.

Stig L. Andersson - creative director and founding partner of SLA