How we work
Our principles concerning our way of collaborating secure that we obtain the necessary inputs for our work and an ever-evolving dialogue with customers and partners.  

1. Questions define and sharpen the effort
What is going on? What elements are in play? What constraints and restrictions does the task have? What are the possibilities? What are the customer's expectations? What aesthetic value can be added to the area? How would nature have done it? What is the complementary response to the challenge? How are the aesthetic and rational balanced?

2. Thoroughness is a condition for sensuousness
We always look thoroughly into our customers' problem. And we always set to work critically before developing proposals for solutions. We are interested in creating so much power, feeling and atmosphere that the sensuous experience is the foundation of your interest.

3. Complicated problems require good ideas
Even complex problems can be solved. And the solution can appear in various ways. And for that matter it is easy to explain even the most complicated project, as long as the idea is good.

4. The customer must be challenged and we must deliver beyond what is expected
Our strength as a collaborator is that we are able to relate to modified terms. On the other hand we do also expect that our partners are ready to listen to us. We must be demanding to work with, because we want the best solution for the customer, even though the customer may not see it at first.

5. It is about the people who will live with our solutions
We love projects that involve a lot of people both before, during and after the realization. We try to create as much joy and pride as possible in all parties. The goal is nothing less than to turn on the lights in our customers' eyes - and in the users’.