How we create
Our principles regarding the way we create new things secure that we always find the right solutions.

1. We use nature’s processes
We work with dynamic processes rather than static plans - and with systems rather than structures - just as we see in nature. We mix the categories, work on the premise of the material and the weather, and strive - in all aspects of our practice - to be able to adapt to changes.

2. We work to ensure that everything gets utility and recreational value
We are working to increase the amenity of nature by creating experiences that make sense. We believe that all elements are equally important and that all solutions should have both an experiential and a functional value.

3. We strive for more of what there is less of (instead of more of the same)
We work with diverse expressions consisting of many different plants. And we like it when their look is wild and lush. We love when the trees tell their own story, whether they are stunted, twisted or on the way to becoming something else.

4. We believe that the meaningful emerges from the relationship between things
We work without a predetermined design. Everything is always slightly skewed and off-centre, and groups of trees always consist of an odd number. We do not believe in harmony through symmetry but rather through a special balance between things.

5. We work with multiple entries
We work with democratic urban spaces that allow us a multitude of perspectives. We believe in the active, the dynamic and the unique because it creates more sensuous experiences.