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SLA is driven by a genuine desire to understand and change the world. Here is an ambition that can be seen and felt in everything we do - yes, it is even personified in our founder Stig L. Andersson and his steadfast insistence to find the meaning of life, art and science. It is therefore also quite natural that we are constantly seeking for new insights and for new ways of doing things at SLA. And this strengthens not only us but also our colleagues and collaborators. Because the joy of doing what we are doing, it is catching - both internally and externally. And by all means we would like it to continue that way.



What makes me get up in the morning is that we are going to create meaning and new insights into the world

         - Stig L. Andersson

Change the world together
At SLA we emphasize the personal qualities  of ethic and integrity very highly. And we know that we can be demanding to work with. Because it is not easy to make changes that are sustainable, robust and aesthetically meaningful. We therefore aim to challenge our surroundings at least as much as we challenge ourselves.

But whatever the challenge, we take on the responsibility to get it resolved, so that it gives the most value back to the client, the users and the city - and to the wider systems of nature.

It is in our DNA - and you can read more about this on these pages. 

Complementarity as a fundamental approach
What distinguishes us from our colleagues is our fundamental approach that nature’s grown environment and the constructed and built environment differ from one another. Although they are not comparable they are complementary. And to us they together constitute a holistic architecture. 
The complementary approach is not easy to grasp and we too struggle with this on a daily basis. We always ask ourselves how nature would have done it. And the answer is almost always found in an entirely different place than any of us had anticipated. This makes thinking across disciplines central to our processes.


Nature as launch pad
Nature is the focal point of everything we develop, draw and think at SLA. Because the order of nature is the starting point of how we organize our world and for how we create the framework in which life can unfold fully. We also prefer working with that which grows. Because it is the living that constitutes our  very foundation.  That which is constantly changing. Architecture, master planning, urban spaces and landscapes are just some of the means that we use to put nature's processes into play. But having said that, it is also important to us that what we create in collaboration with our customers and users also have a utility and an amenity value.