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YUAN - International Master Garden

SLA’s founder Stig L. Andersson has , together with four other internationally renowned landscape designers, been selected to create International Master Gardens for the Beijing International Horticultural Expo 2019. SLA’s Master Garden is YUAN, a new Chinese sign for ‘garden’. In the project, SLA aims to create a new meaning of the Chinese garden in the Anthropocene era. YUAN draws on a deep knowledge of China’s cultural history, nature, art, architecture and philosophy and re-uses these elements in a new and profound way. Thus, YUAN shows how we can use traditional Chinese culture and nature in modern city planning to improve the quality of life for China’s population, while at the same time solving many of the challenges our cities, our world and we ourselves face today.

Location Beijing, China 
Service International Master Garden design
Type Commission 
Area 1,100 m2 
Client Beijing International Horticultural Expo
Realization 2019

"YUAN is an exploration of the meaning of Chinese garden art in the Anthropocene Age. It is a search for a New Garden - founded in China's thousands of years old cultural history - that can provide a new understanding and connection between man, culture and nature."

- Stig L. Andersson