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'Wunderstadt' is a solo exhibition on SLA at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin: The oldest architecture gallery in Europe, known for its important contributions to the public debate.
The term 'Wunderstadt' describes an architectural vision of our physical environment and is related to the Renaissance forerunner of the museum, the 'Wunderkammer'. In the Wunderkammer rare items was displayed for both admiration and amazement. There was no obvious hierarchical organization of the objects – they appeared in a spatial composition that drew attention to the particular experience. At Aedes Gallery the same logic is interpreted through a paraphrase of SLA own studio with its many material samples; The visitors of the exhibition are invited to a sensuous perception of urban everyday life – as if it was a Wunderkammer. 

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Service Exhibition
Location Aedes Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Type Invited solo exhibition
Client Aedes Architecture Forum
Exhibition period 2005-2006

As a design strategy Wunderstadt implies a broadening of the programmatic approach to our urban environment