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White balance - COP15

SLA staged the arrival area to the COP15 climate summit in 2009 with a temporary urban space White Balance that provided food for thought.

The arrival area consisted of a gigantic circle of chalk-white limestone. The white stone creates a maximum albedo effect that provides natural cooling in the city and cleans acidified rainwater via percolation, making it more easy to recycle.

Three different water areas were established within the circle, including one containing bio waste that slowly decompose - nature's way of recycling its resources.

The trees and plants in the arrival area absorb water and CO2, increase evaporation, provide shade and shelter - thereby creating a comfortable microclimate. A reminder of the importance of integrating nature in future cities, if they are to be sustainable.

Service Design of temporary urban space
Location  Ørestaden, Copenhagen
Type Competion
Client The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Design period 2009
Area 5 500 m2


White balance shows that the city itself is an ecosystem where nature, animals, plants and people must exist in balance with each other.