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New Town Hall Uppsala
A new green and democratic gathering place welcomes visitors and employees to the new town hall of Uppsala that unifies everyday life in the city with the inside activities of the town hall. SLA’s winning proposal stretches a continuous coating that creates a natural connection between the two outdoor spaces and the green indoor courtyard. New and existing trees combined with a wide range of new vegetation create a recreational and appealing frame. This allowing the new town hall to flourish as the new gathering place for the citizens, public servants and politicians and as a functional workplace,  where the experience of nature is a daily part of working in Uppsala Town Hall. 
Service Urban space 
Location  Uppsala, Sweden
Type 1. prize, Invited, international competition.
Client The Municipality of Uppsala
Design 2017 - 2020
Collaborators Henning Larsen Architects and Tyréns 

“Our vision is a welcoming, modern town hall that promotes dialogue with the citizens, and is a functional work place and a meeting place for both citizens, officials and politicians. At the same time we want to preserve the architectural value of the original town hall. I think the winning proposal has solved this equation in a very elegant way,” says Marlene Burwick, Major of Uppsala and chairman of the jury.