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Tingbjerg Urban Development

SLA is consultants for the historical revitalization of Copenhagen’s largest non-profit housing area, Tingbjerg. The area has been appointed by the state as a vulnerable housing area and is listed on the so-called ‘hard ghetto’ list. SLA’s work revolves around strengthening the physical and social cohesiveness of the area by increasing the quality of the existing green spaces and create new attractive connections.

The work with Tingbjerg takes place in close collaboration with the residents and stakeholders of the area, the non-profit housing organizations SAB v. KAB and fsb, and the property developer NREP – in a shared consultancy with Vandkunsten, NIRAS and ViaTrafik.

 Urban development plan, infrastructure project and basis for district plan.
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Clients NREP, fsb og SAB v. KAB
Design 2017 - 2020
Size 23 ha
Collaborators Vandkunsten, ViaTrafik, NIRAS, Niels Bjørn and Rekommanderet.

With focus on safety creation and biodiverse green urban spaces that can inspire activity social activity for the all, Tingbjerg will in the coming years be developed into an attractive housing area with balance between the about 1,500 new owner-occupied homes and the existing non-profit housing stock.