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Growth - together we grow and build the future

In the exhibition "Growth - together we grow and build the future", city and countryside are not set up as opposites. Instead, the audience gains insight into how nature and the built environment can improve the quality of life in both urban and rural areas. With examples from Aalborg, North Jutland and the world, the exhibition shows how new opportunities arise in the encounter between the grown and the built, so we can create new types of communities and new, sustainable business models – both in the city and in the countryside.

 Utzon Center, Aalborg, North Jutland
 07.10.2015 - 28.02.2016
 Utzon Center, Aalborg Kommune, enthusiasts and professionals from North Jutland
With support from
 Realdania and City and Landscape Management in Aalborg Municipality

“For decades, we have convinced each other that we can build for growth. The result is that we have become a nation where the cities win and the rural areas lose. We have overlooked the fact that the quality of living in the so-called peripheral Denmark is the proximity to nature, which provides an essential quality of life that urban growth cannot match.”

Stig L. Andersson, founder and creative director of SLA