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The Landscape Is

Which features are really worth emphasizing in ’the homes of the future’? After decades of technologic rationalising in an onrushing media world, the focus of this SLA exhibition from 1997 is how the earliest environment of man can provide us with an important relation to time and scale in our homes.

The mold is the basis of culture and a unique material that explains and embodies history, craft and texture. Its character bear witness to change, rhythm and decay. In a landscape completely void of trees, bushes or ornamental objects you are able to focus upon the essential: the atmosphere and the space with a reduced set of fundamental objects; water, soil, the scents, the materials and the buildings - the homes. The homes that represent something fixed in relation to time.

Location DAC, Copenhagen, Denmark
Type Part of the exhibition 'Hjem til Fremtiden'
Client DAC/Danish Architecture Center & The Ministry of Housing
Exhibition period 1997-1998

By its mere presence soil represents a counterweight to the changeable and to the virtual reality created by the media and commercial images