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The Forest Bath

During the Aarhus Festival 2018, 600 trees created a green, fragrant and lush temporary urban space in the middle of the 600-meter-long Bernhard Jensens Boulevard in Aarhus Ø. The result was a sensational and inviting "forest bath" that naturally cleans car exhaust fumes from the air, increases health and quality of life for the citizens of Aarhus and creating a whole new experience of nature on Aarhus Ø. After the Festival, the 600 trees were permanently moved to the Gellerup Urban Park.

'The Forest Bath' is the second project in a three-year collaboration between Aarhus Festival and SLA, which has been named City Nature 1:1. The objective of the collaboration is, that Aarhus Festival through three years (from 2017-2019) explores the potential for a green, nature-based urban development of Aarhus which can balance the construction boom of the city.

Service Temporary urban space
Location Aarhus Ø, Denmark
Area 6.000 m2
Client Aarhus Festival
Design 2018
Collaborators Aarhus Festival

"The project is based on the Japanese concept Shinrin Yoku which literally means "forest bathing" and which is based on thousand years of Japanese learning. With The Forest Bath, we demonstrate how an equilibrium between the built and the grown environment creates a whole city - a city of meaning, quality of life, health and welfare for all."


-Stig L. Andersson, design director and founder of SLA