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The City of a Billion Pines

”The City of a Billion Pines” presents a nature-based vision for Beijing’s future development. The exhibition shows what happens when city and nature come together to create an entirely new type of city, and creates a concrete understanding of what a city can be when nature becomes a complementary part to the built environment. Thus, a complete city.

"The City of a Billion Pines" also invites guests of the exhibition to adopt the exhibited trees, which will later be planted out in the Chinese metropolis. In this way, the citizens of Beijing can take action and work together to create the future of their city.


“The City of a Billion Pines” is part of SLA’s new initiative “A New Welfare”, a platform for dialogue and cooperation, and a continuation of SLA’s contribution to the Architecture Biennale 2014 “Empowerment of Aesthetics”. Read more about the exhibition on www.anewwelfare.com.

Location The Danish Cultural Institute, 798 Arts District, Beijing
Exhibition dates June 10th - July 3rd 2016
Collaborators The Danish Cultural Institute
Support Realdania 


"The grown is first and foremost nature, which is the basis of our existence; but the grown is also the creative force, which nature inspires us humans to set free, when we allow ourselves to come into contact with natural phenomena."

Stig L. Andersson
Founder, Design Director, SLA
Professor, Aesthetic Design
Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
University of Copenhagen 


Read the exhibition essay "City Nature" here.