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Tencent Headquarters

Known as ‘Tencent Crystal City’ the proposal focusses on combining nature, community and technology into a project that maximizes flexibility, ecology and innovation.

A rich wetlands park is designed to connect directly with an entirely public level that will become a new landmark for visitors and residents in Shenzhen. Through a nature-based design, generous green spaces are designed on both sides of the buildings in order to provide active public spaces at the waterfront.

The waterfront park will return the coastline and its biodiversity to the mangrove filled wetlands to help clean the water of the bay. The extensive landscaping and wetlands park help to manage rainwater and protect the area in stormy conditions.



Service Landscape design
Location Shenzhen, China
Type Competition
Client Tencent
Design period 2018
Area 200 hectares
Partners Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Shanghai Urban Transportation Design Institute

“The project regenerates the vital mangrove forest along the coast. The mangrove forests have been reduced by about 90% in connection with the rapid urban growth in Shenzhen, so the project shows an approach where both buildings, people and nature benefit from the growth”

- Rasmus Astrup, Partner in SLA