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The Sustainable School, Dubai

The sustainable school in Dubai is an innovative project that rethinks learning and teaching environment. SLA has designed the landscape for the first fully sustainable school in the UAE, which is being built within Dubai’s Sustainable City.The project takes advantage of the warm climate and move many of the functions away from the artificial air-conditioned rooms and outside in a naturally, cooled, green, learning landscapes. Local vegetation and natural solutions play an important part in the design concept: diverse vegetation, cooling wind towers and shaded outdoor spaces ensure a comfortable climate for the school’s different activities. Beside creating a pleasant learning environment, the landscape at the same time provides a natural fab lab, where the students actively contribute to the green surroundings by taking part in planting, growing and maintaining the schools’ trees and plants.

Service: Landscape design 
Location: Sustainable City, Dubai, UAE
Client: Diamond Developers
Design: 2016
Collaborators: CEBRA, Act Now
Images: CEBRA 

 “Every building in The Sustainable City is designed to smoothly integrate with the city as a whole and we wanted to make sure our students will learn outside the school walls as much as they learn inside it.

CEO of property firm Diamond Developers, Faris Saeed