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    SUND Nature Park
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SUND Nature Park

The inspiration for the landscape surrounding the new Mærsk Building was found in the history of the location and it's unique atmosphere. The Panum Institute is an educational institution with a long history and tradition as well as a modern research central, with thousands of daily users.

The new landscape facilitates the meeting between past and future, nature and urbanity in an inviting, green urban space - a recreative urban landscape for the students of Panum as well as the locals - right in the centre of Nørrebro's busy street life. 


Service Landscape design
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Type 1st prize, invited competition
Client Bygningsstyrelsen and University of Copenhagen
Design period 2012
Completed 2017
Area 37.000 m2
Partners C.F. Møller, Rambøll, Aggebo & Henriksen

Panums new characteristic landscape consists of varied mini-biotopes with a diverse range of plant species, creating peaceful  pockets for contemplation in the pulsating heart of central Nørrebro