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Stengårdsvej, Esbjerg

SLA is the advisor of the transformation of the residential area Stengårdsvej in Esbjerg.  The goal is to transform the area into a green, attractive and safer place to live for everyone.

Stengårdsvej in Esbjerg is an area marked by run-down public areas, inadequate infrastructure and a disjointed and fragmented identity. Therefore the housing association Ungdomsbo has hired SLA as an advisor to lead the thorough modernization and revitalization of the area based on a new landscape strategy. Through an intense resident involvement process, SLA has gathered all the resident’s dreams and hopes for the area in a master plan in order to strengthen the sense of community in the area and to provide the neighborhood with a number of recreative, active and attractive public areas.


Service Masterplan and strategy for revitalization of residential area
Location Esbjerg, Denmark
Ungdomsbo Boligforening
Designperiod 2012
Area 2,2 ha.

Not only does SLA's master plan create a greater accessibility, but also new amenity values that contribute to the sense of community and security in the area.