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Søndermarken Vejle

The suburb Søndermarken, 4 km south of Vejle, like so many other suburbs is characterized by segregation, large buffer zones and areas with poor image. To solve these problems SLA proposes to tie Søndermarken actively together with the ‘Eastern Metropolis' of Jutland, integrating the suburb into a wider regional context. At the same time the exceptional nature of Eastern Jutland must be made more accessible. To create this unity, and to enhance the surrounding nature’s presence in Søndermarken, six public commons are created to tie the two river valleys together across the district.

Service New sustainable Masterplan for Søndermarken suburb in Vejle
Location Vejle, Denmark
Type Planning Competition 
Client Vejle Municipality and Realdania
Design period 2012
Area 300 hA
Partner Transform, Grontmij, Social Action

Each public common receives its own landscape profile, which helps to promote biodiversity and variety of the landscape experiences.