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Skrei Theme Park

Skrei Theme Park is a vision for a holistic nature experience in Lofoten's characteristic and grand environment. The park and The Cultural Heritage Centre communicates the significance of the Lofoten fisheries in a local, national and global perspective. In the park, the meeting between the land & the water and the built & the nature is enhanced and a sequence of sensuous experiences is created for the visitors. At selected points in the landscape, the design allows for stays, play, contemplation and investigations. The experiences are interweaved by a network of paths and connections leading through the Lofoten landscape.

Service Landscape design
Location Storvågen, Lofoten, Norway
Type Competition
Client Museum Nord
Design 2016-2017
Partners AART Architects Oslo, Kvorning Design & Kommunikation

The park makes space for an educational expedition through Lofoten's characteristic nature while allowing the possibility to follow in the historical footsteps of the place