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Roskilde festival and raw material site

The large gravel pits south of Roskilde Festival site pose great potential for outdoor activities and as a cultural site. In SLA's and Morten Strædes development and art strategy the gravel pits are developed in succesion as the gravelling proceeds. The strategy makes use of the unique landscape features caused by the gravelling. The result is a series of distinct landscape spaces which offer new and unique experiences,  and a nature that is quite unlike any other existing green area in Roskilde. Additionally the strategy greatly improves the rainwater acclimatization of the site, hence, avoiding flooding.


Service Strategy and development plan
Location Roskilde, Denmark
Client Region Hovedstaden
Design period 2013
Realization 2013-
Area 296 ha
Collaborator Morten Stræde

Through art and nature the impoverished resource landscape at Roskilde Dyrskueplads will be transformed - from gravel pit to thriving activity landscape.

We had a great turnout at the opening of sculptor Morten Stræde’s Floating World– the first artwork in Milen.

The artwork was inaugurated by Birgit Pedersen, chair of the Culture and Leisure Committee in Roskilde City Council, Morten Stræde and SLA’s Stig L. Andersson.