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Reinvent Paris

In the project Ternes-Villiers, SLA's winning project in the international mega competition Reinventer Paris, a 5,500 m2 urban roof deck is put across the Boulevard Peripherique – the big ring road that circles the whole of Paris. Combining city nature-based ecosystem services, fully climate-adapted urban spaces and new social meeting places with underground parking, pedestrian-friendly connections and large roof terraces, which among other things will house a tea plantation, SLA works with city nature and urban life as complete ecosystems and creates brand new urban experiences and green contexts in an otherwise grey and traffic-congested part of Paris.


See the video from the competition entry here.


Service Design of urban space, green roofs and green facades
Location Ternes in Paris, France
Client BNP Paribas Real Estate
Design period 2015-2019
Realization 2020-2022
Area 5,500 m2
Collaborators Jacques Ferrier Architectures, Chartier Dalix
Visualisations  Beauty and the Bit

New green attractions at street level and 5,000 m2 urban life and city nature lifted high above Paris’ facades and roofs ties the city together with its suburbs and adds a whole new dimension to living and working in Paris