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REGAN Vest - Denmark's Cold War Museum

The Cold War-bunker REGAN West was a deep state secret for decades. Now we open the bunker to the public with the winning proposal for Denmark’s new Cold War Museum, created as four black boxes hidden deep in the forest - inspired by the mystique that for decades has marked Denmark's most secret bunker 60 meters underground in the Rold Forest in Northern Jutland, Denmark.


The new museum building will in combination with SLA's nature-based and sensuous design of the surrounding landscape create the ultimate Cold War experience - hidden and integrated in the forest - to inform and fascinate both national and international visitors in all ages about the historical period.  


Service Landscape design
Location Rold Forest, Denmark
Type Museum
Client The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland 
Design period 2019-2020
Realization 2020-2023
Area 1,200 m2
Partners AART, Thøgersen & Stouby, NIRAS, Rebild Municipality, Aalborg Municipality, Realdania

 “The bunker is a unique building culture containing a social narrative of the Cold War that has not been communicated before. The project gives access to the original site and adds a new building with respect for the site and with the good dissemination in the center. The new museum will bring the story alive and provide new powerful experiences for both adults and children.”

- Nina Kovsted Helt, Director of Philantropy in Realdania