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The development of the Ordener-Poissonniers site is part of the evolving Paris Nord-Est project. Ordener-Poissonniers is a 5-hectare railway site in the heart of the 18th arrondissement of Paris - a place where discreet but popular transformations have already begun.

Our proposal titled the ‘Jardin Mécano’ fits into the narrative of these transformations and creates a new urban ecosystem preserving the remarkable industrial heritage of the site. At the same, the project adds an abundance of green and natural public spaces, a low carbon bioclimatic architecture and sustainable urban development to increase the quality of life for inhabitants and users of the neighborhood.

Read ArchDaily's article about the project here.


Service Public space design and mixed-use development
Location Paris, France
Type Masterplan
Client Espaces Ferroviaires, SNCF Real Estate, The City of Paris
Developers Emerige, OGIC
Project year 2019-2024
Area 5 hectare
Partners Biecher Architectes, Niney et Marca Architectes, Bourbouze & Graindorge, AAVP, OASIIS, Attitudes Urbaines and OTEIS.



"The Ordener-Poissonniers project will act as a generous gift to the city of Paris. In the transformation of the old post-industrial railway site we have especially focused on the values and qualities we want the new development to give back to the neighborhood"

Rasmus Astrup, Partner in SLA