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SLA’s project The OASIS is a temporary nature-based epicentre at Roskilde Festival’s Artzone 2017. The OASIS creates an organic and sensuous nature space for performances, poetry readings, artworks and informal social gatherings. 70 trees form a close and lush frame around a large oval scene and bind each artwork together in a common space. Around the scene a green hill terrain with trees, furniture, wood stumps and gigantic ‘grass pillows’ is made – providing room for social meetings, for relaxation and to enjoy THE OASIS’s landscape on the border between man-made art and nature.


Site Roskilde Festival 2017
Design 2016-2017
Realization 2017- July
Collaborators  Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Technical School - Vilvorde

By using the process as a driver for permanent value-creation, THE OASIS will not only improve the artistic festival experience of Roskilde Festival’s 80,000 guests. It will also create value for the local citizens, for the creative community in Roskilde’ MUSICON town and for the diverse nature-life that exist in the area –long after the Roskilde Festival,” says SLA founder and world-renowned landscape architect Stig L. Andersson.