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Nørresundby Urban Garden

City Garden has come to life as a radical transformation of the small public garden in Nørresundby. The urban space is located near the sea and between its organic asphalt surfaces, meter high water jets jumps as were they artificial geysers. The water collects in small puddles in where the movement of clouds in the sky are reflected. Between the asphalt surfaces are paths covered with glossy blue mussel shells and in the dense planting vaporizers, that emit fine water vapor, has been placed.  Eventful spatialities give space for children to share sensuous experiences. As an enthusiastic offer Nørresundby Urban Garden is a concentrate of events and amenity.

 Urban space
Location Nørresundby, Denmark
Type Invited compitition, 1st prize
Client Aalborg Kommune
Design period 2003-2004
Realization 2004-2005
Area 1000 m2
Partners Rambøll, Hansen & Henneberg

Along with the change of the day and the seasons, natural processes such as rain and evaporation contribute to very different experiences in the garden

The quality of change is an important element for the creation of Nørresundby Byhave