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Middelfart Climate Adaptation

How do we ensure our cities in the future against extreme weather events, while creating new opportunities for adventure and recreation?

This has been the focal point in SLA's work as a client consultant for Middelfart's Climate City. Through a preliminary study SLA identified the key areas for creating an innovative and pioneering climate adaptation project that can act as a model for similar projects in Denmark. Based on this study, SLA and Orbicon drafted a catalog of Best Available Technology / Best Available Design as a foundation for the future urban development that ensures maximum synergy between climate adaptation and active urban life.

Service Analysis, preliminary project, citizen involvement and client consultancy
Location Middelfart, Danmark
 KlimaByen (Middelfart Kommune, Middelfart Spildevand A/S and Realdania)
Preliminary project delivery 2012
Area 450.000 m2
Partners Orbicon

Denmark's most beautiful climate adaptation project. This is the ambition SLA helps Middelfart to achieve in the Climate City project.