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Memorial Utøya

SLA's proposal for the Utøya memorial combines with great respect and tranquility the landscape’s narratives and the place’s strong nature in an evocative project that makes room for the surviving relatives' memories.

Using a few gentle interventions the project tells the story of the place. The story is in the island's nature; in the water that waves against the beach and the rocks, in the trees that out of the blue witnessed horrific events, and in the flowers that after a cold winter sprouts anew.

By focusing on the living – nature, which changes and grows, the place makes room for the surviving relatives’ loss and offers tranquility for a new beginning to sprout.


Service Landskape design
Location Utøya, Norway
Type Competition
 Minnestedutvalget, Utøya

Designperiode 2014
Samarbejdspartnere Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo, AHO

The new memorial is inspired by the senses’ and nature's incredible ability to be in constant change. It is a place where the moment can be smelled, heard, seen, felt and experienced with both the senses and the heart. A place with room and quietude to remember those we have lost.