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LHL Private hospital

The challenge was to transform an area characterized by heavy infrastructure and devoid of identity into a sensuous, stimulating and healing environment. SLA decidid to embrace and enhance the existing landscape with its dead-ice landscape and woodland, rather than smooting it to make more room for buildings. Hence, the vegetation and topography is used to absorb noise and create lee, as well as to create varying sensuous experiences and pleasant microclimates encouraging people to stay or wander in nature.


Service Planning and landscapedesign
Location Gardermoen, Norway
Type Private Client
Client Aspelin Ramm Eiendomme A/S and Brødrene Furuseth
Design period 2013-14
Realization 2015-17
Area 150.000 m2
Partner Nordic - Office of Architecture

Blood pressure, pulse, tension and other indicators of stress in human bodies are greatly decreased after merely a few minutes in nature. The landscape has a huge impact on a hospital’s healing environment.