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With echoes of the area's landscape past, a moraine like new topography winds through the outdoor space of the residential complex ‘Ladegårdsparken’. A big, open space with axial walk lines is now replaced by SLAs design with smaller, more intimate spaces. You can experience these diverse places along the new trail system which cuts through the terrain. Through the seasons the park change expression and offer a great variation of nature experiences. Among 35 small spaces you’ll find groves of maple and pine, a spice garden, an orchard, several groups of cherry trees, a rubber playground and a roller-skating rink. 

 Design and construction of park space
Location Holbæk, Denmark
Client  Dansk Boligselskab
Design period 1996
Realization 1997
Area 38.000 m2
Partners  Flemming Andersens Tegnestue, Teytaud A/S, Kunstnersammenslutningen Grønningen

On spring days the white flowering cherry trees will change the area into a white bloom in constantly varying patterns and densities as clouds in the sky