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North West Park

Copenhagen's North West-quarter has in many years dealt with a bad reputation of being a polluted neighborhood with big social and economical issues. Through long citizen participation process SLA involved the local community in the design process and created -  in a close collaboration with the local residents – a magical and playful park that gave the community all what they wished for: Light, safety, nature and adventures in an exciting combination, creating an absolutely unique and characteristic community park. SLA won The Danish Light Awards 2010 for the park’s customized lighting concept.



Ydelse Landscape design
Sted Copenhagen, Denmark
Bygherre  The Municipality of Copenhagen 
Design period 2007-2010
Realization 2009-2010
Area 3,5 hA
Partners Writer Jan Sonnergaard, Lemming & Eriksson, 2+1

With the fairytale-sounding work title “1001 trees” SLA created a playful park with activities, adventures and poetry – in a park shaped by the community’s wishes.