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KOZOO - Korkeasaari Zoo

The design of KOZOO reinterprets the creation of the universe. Essentially different but simple things are put together, react on one another, and something new and unexpected is created. As time passes new reactions between people, materials and weather take place on the site, as nursing, wear and tear, and the influence of weather contributes to the ongoing process of change. KOZOO is organized into different zonobiomes – inspired by the earth’s different ecological climatic zones. Each of these contains animals and plants from the same climatically uniform environment within the geobiosphere, such as the moist deciduous fern forest or the dry and rocky highland steppe.

Service Masterplan for Korkeasaari Zoo
Location Helsinki, Finland
Type Masterplan
Client Korkeasaari Zoo
Design period 2009
Area 27 ha

The new Korkeasaari Zoo is a microcosm inscribed in a circle. Everything taking place within this circle focuses on the protection of not only animals, but biomass in a broader sense. Everything extinctable.