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The International Criminal Court in Hague

The landscape by the new International Criminal Court in The Hague combines lush nature with ICC's high security in an iconic, inviting landskape - and urban project that matches one of the international community's main institutions. The landscape consists of seven characteristic courtyards representing the contributing countries, including the Scandinavian patio with pine trees and cones, the African garden with red soil and exciting vegetation, a lush Korean rooftop garden and a Dutch dune landscape. The result is a risk-reducing urban landscape and an open forecourt, which instead of barricading ICC behind walls and barbed wire opens the institution up to the public through an advanced but careful shaping of the landscape. 

 Masterplan and urban spaces
Location Hague, The Netherlands
Type 1. prize, International competition
Client The International Criminal Court
Design period 2009-11
Realization 2011-15 (igangværende)
Area 46.000 m2 
Construction costs 5 mio Euro
Collaborator schmidt hammer lassen

The International Criminal Court in The Hague will be a model for democratic architecture : A place where power meets citizens with transparency rather than entrench themselves behind high walls.