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Hans Tavsen's Park and Korsgade

SLA's winning proposal 'THE SOUL OF NØRREBRO' is an integrated urban design and climate adaption project for Hans Tavsen's Park and Korsgade in Nørrebro. The project combines city nature, local community and smart cloudburst solutions, building upon the areas existing qualities and unique local spirit. Rainwater is collected and used locally while excess water from cloudbursts is lead from the park to Peblinge Lake, being cleansed by city nature biotopes along Korsgade. Hydrological, biological and social circuits will work together in a strong symbiosis that does not only climate proof inner Nørrebro, but also has a positive effect of the entire city of Copenhagen.

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Location Nørrebro, Copenhagen - Denmark
Service Urban design and climate adaptation 
Client The Municipality of Copenhagen
Year  2016 –
Area  85,000 m2
Visualisations Beauty and the Bit
Collaborators Rambøll, Arki_Lab, Den Nationale Platform for Gadeidræt, Aydin Soei, Social Action

SLA’s team has in an exemplary way included the local residents’ inputs in their proposal for Hans Tavsen's Park and Korsgade. With this, we can create solutions that not only solve the problems with cloudburst and rainwater management – it also has major benefits for the entire neighborhood and community. These are the kind of solutions, we can really use in Copenhagen – and the kind of solutions that the whole world will come to Copenhagen to experience.

-Morten Kabell, Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs of Copenhagen