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Green Sports Hub

SLA’s Green Sports Hub in Dubai creates sustainable sports facilities with a comfortable microclimate in an otherwise warm and dry climate. SLA's landscape design pays homage to the plant species and culture of the local area - and do moreover ensure big water savings. The adaptation to Dubai's warm and dry environment includes green promenades creating optimal surroundings for practising sport. Strategic design of vegetation and passive cooling creates shadow, higher humidity and a natural lowering of the temperature - together making it possible to exercise outdoors even in the warmest months of summer. Green Sports Hub do not only contain varied sports facilities but also a vibrant and multi-functional attraction that can be used as both a social and an educational resource.
Service Masterplan & landscape design
Site Dubai, UAE
Type Commission
Client ES Development
Design period 2015-2016
Area 53.000 m2
Partner CEBRA

“In Denmark I’ve grown up with the associational life around sports, but you don’t really have that in Dubai. So, this is what I’m trying to establish with this complex where we will provide plenty of sports facilities for both the kids and their parents, in stead of them having to go separate places.”

- Ebbe Sand, initiator of Green Sports Hub