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Glostrup Town Hall Park

The Town Hall Park is constructed as a square in the centre of Glostrup’s modernist suburban space, and is the last link in a project to connect the central parts of the town between the station, church, town hall and shopping centre. To create experiences in the heterogeneous built environment, the square has been given a prominent character,i.a. by the surfacing of Norwegian ‘otta pilarguri’ slates.
Pollarded lime trees from a previous road have been preserved as a contrast to the new interventions, supplemented with trees otherwise found in the surrounding gardens. In this way a connection is created between the public space of the Town Hall Park and the residents’ private gardens, thus establishing intimacy.


Service Landscape design and detail design
Location Glostrup, Denmark
Client Municipality of Glostrup 
Design phase:1997-2000 
Realization 2000 
Area: 1,2 ha. 


The residents in the area say that they re-route their journey to work through the Town Hall Park and often choose to stay a while to enjoy the sensory pause