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New order of nature - FredericiaC

New Order of Nature represents an radical new urban development technique. It discards of the privilege formerly assigned to buildings and infrastructure and instead gives priority to green amenity values in the temporary landscape introducing a contemporary resilient framework that attracts people from day one. Nature can be moved, scaled and assigned different functionalities depending on the demands which the users have, and as such the urban space becomes valuable even before the buildings are designed.

Service Temporary landscape and subsequent landscaping strategy and realization
Location Fredericia, Denmark
Type Winner of competition between invited participants
Client FredericiaC P/S and Realdania
Design period 2009
Realization 2010-
Area 20 Ha
Cost 5 mio dkk

For the past 100 years people have believed that people will live where the buildings are. However, location,  is an even more essential component in determining the attractiveness of an area. Urban development, thus, ought to start by introducing green amenity values to create an attractive location – not by building houses.