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Fredens Park

In the project Fredens Park in Copenhagen, SLA shows how site specific city nature and efficient climate adaption can go hand in hand with results that can be both rationally measured and aesthetically experienced. Fredens Park, centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen, meets the basic human need for closeness to nature and offers citizens a unique, lush and rich experience of nature in the middle of the city.

The proposal brings nature into the city where the park’s grown environment coexists with the city’s built environment. The park offers Copenhagen a distinctive nature and provides green and sensuous experiences in the cityscape. Nature holds a practical function in correlation with climate adaption, environmental improvement, sustainability and biodiversity - such as plants, animals, birds, insects, and at the same time contains aesthetic values, which makes it more inspiring and meaningful to be and live in the city. 


Site/ Copenhagen
Type/ 1. Prize, invitedcompetition
Client/ Copenhagen Municipality
Service / Landscape design and climate adaptation
Collaborators/ The Municipality of Copenhagen

Efficient climate adaptation and city nature
comes together in Fredens Park in Copenhagen
nd create a lush and rich experience
of nature in the middle of the city.