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Proposal for a modernised Finger Plan

In connection with the government’s revision of The Finger Plan 2018/2019, SLA has formulated a proposal for a modernised Finger Plan. With a clear ambition to put quality of life first, we have developed 5 suggestions for how the capital area can meet the challenges and needs that mark our times. Vi believe that cooperation, new nature, a balanced development, new ways of building, living and financing, and an obligation of the building sector to support regional quality of life can ensure a future capital area that is both liveable and accessible for everyone.

Read the proposal here.

Self-initiated project 
 Project under SLA's research and development department S:LAB

We want a capital area where we work together to do better. We want to plant millions of trees and create new nature for us and for the future. We want to live and build differently, in a more collaborative and diverse way. We want to safeguard what has value and to move a little closer together in some places, so we can make room for what makes us all richer. We want everyone to contribute.