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Farsta - A 'Promenade City'

Farsta is a suburb of Stockholm planned out from modernist ideals of light, air and separation of functions. Today Farsta is best known for Farsta Centrum - the largest shopping mall in Stockholm with over 150 stores on more than 40,000 m2.

Stockholm City has now appointed Farsta as one of nine strategic growth centers that should lead the way for urban development in the suburbs. The main theme for the development plan is to make Farsta the standard-bearer for Stockholm City’s overall strategy to become a "Promenade City". The vision is to create a holistic experience of the city's activities that intergrates the existing shopping center, creating a varied urban environment in a more human scale.

Service Strategy and Development Plan
Location Stockholm, Sweden 
Type Master plan
Client Atrium Ljungberg og Stockholms Stad
Design period Parallel assignment 2014, on-going
Area 15 hA
Partners COBE, Tyréns, ICP, Yngve Andrén Consult

Can we use Stockholm's overall strategy to become a 'Promenade City' to create a new paradigm for the development of the suburbs?