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Drømmehagen, or ”The Dream Garden”, carries on and interprets Drøbak’s distinctive landscape and buildings with well-preserved wooden houses, sensuous gardens, intimate squares and narrow streets. A square with outdoor serving, water mirrors and an outdoor staircase to linger on, create a welcoming urban space for the residents and visitors. The outdoor staircase connects the square and street level with the courtyard area. With its lush vegetation, the courtyard creates a green heart in the centre of the houses, making room for community and activities such as gardening. Drømmehagen’s green islands create diverse niches that invite to stay in a comfortable microclimate and has vegetation composed to highlight the changing seasons.

Service Design of landscape and urban spaces
Location Drøbak, Norway
Type 1. price in competition
Client Frogn Municipality
Design 2016-2017
Realisation 2017 -
Area 20.000 m2
Partners Haptic Architects

From the green oasis in the core of Drømmehagen, the landscape stretches out and connects to the town in all directions