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DR City's inner courtyard

With a basis on the potentials and constraints of the existing conditions, SLA has converted the DR City’s inner court yard into an inviting space for informal recreational breaks in the busy everyday life at DR.


In SLAs design, the courtyard is improved significantly, both functionally and aesthetically. Wooden decks in different levels, allow for more and larger seating zones in the courtyard, and a new low vegetation with high biodiversity breaks down the orthogonal yard space and creates a new vigor in the atrium

The DR City's Inner Courtyard is part of SLA’s framework agreement with DR.


Service Project design of courtyard
Location DR City, Copenhagen, Denmark
Type Framework agreement
Design period 2013
Realization 2014
Area 750 m2
Partners Alectia 

The project's main concept is a wooden frame, which strengthens the functionality of the courtyard by creating larger seating zones and gives the courtyard a new sensuality and tactility that complements the building's light aesthetic expression.