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The Delta District in future city Vinge

The Delta District in future city Vinge illustrates how one landscaping can create both amenity and utility. Man-made trenches and bassins spreading through the landscape create a fine meshed web which prevent flooding by leading rainwater to a man-made delta for storage. Simultaniously both bassins, trenches and delta accentuate the water and provide the urban space with a unique nature for citizens to gather around, interact with and simply enjoy.  


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Service Landscape and development strategy
Location Vinge, Frederikssund, Denmark
Type Master plan
Client Municipality of Frederikssund
Design period 2013-18
Realization 2018-25
Area 13,6 hA
Partner Rambøll

Nature is a huge attraction which contributes greatly to the vibrancy of cities. With the fine meshed web of man-made trenches the Delta Districts brings nature close to all homes and encourages outdoor stay and social interaction in the common areas.