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The Courtyard of The Future - Tomsgårdsvej

Tomsgårdsvej is part of ‘The Courtyard of The Future’ initiative by The City of Copenhagen, which is a series of demonstration projects initiated to uncover the climate-adaptation potential of the many urban courtyards in Copenhagen. The project aims to develop biodiverse and recreative rainwater solutions that are both functional, aesthetic and especially suited for courtyards.

At Tomsgårdsvej all 63 existing trees are kept, while 98 new trees will be planted in the courtyard. A 450 meter long ‘adventure path’ is designed to wind its way through the entire area, meadow and nature. Furthermore, as a natural extension of the dense and wild vegetation, a small forest will be established to guard the courtyard visually from the street. This will transform the space into a shaded area full of new city nature for social activities and recreation.


Service Landscape design
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Type Invited
Client The City of Copenhagen
Design period 2018 - 2019
Realization 2020 -
Area 6400 m2

”It has been a fantastic user involvement process with the residents, who have shown great support to the project and contributed with exciting ideas for the future courtyard at Tomsgårdsvej”

- Alexandra Vindfeld Hansen, Head of sLAB in SLA