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Cloud - Nykredit

In Denmark the sun only shines for one third of the year. Therefore, the citizens of Copenhagen ought to experience all kinds of weather, light, wind and rain as attractive sensuous events.The landscape ”CLOUD” complements the building ”CRYSTAL” in an urban space which changes expression with the weather and attracts curious citizens, intrigued by the purling water and the water reflections of hastely passing people and the architecture of the surroundings.

Service Urban Design  
Location Copenhagen, Denmark 
Type Urban Space
Client Nykredit
Design period 2008-09
Realizaion 2011
Area 5.500m2 
Cost 48 mio. DKK
Collaborators schmidt hammer lassen

As the walls of water switch on and off depending on the wind they create varying images and expressions which catch the attention of curious bypassers and encourage them to pause, wonder, breathe and sense.