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The City Dune - SEB Bank

The City Dune is inspired by nature’s processes and built up as a Swedish hill side with a terrain that rises from street level to the second floor level, covering the side and the roof of the bank’s parking garage. The white concrete surfaces reflect the sun while all rain water is collected and re-used for irrigation and cooling of the urban space in summer. The Nordic vegetation and trees provides shade on hot summer days and shelter when it rains. At the same time the City Dune provides SEB Bank with a strong and unique Nordic identity.

Design and planning of urban space
Location Bernstorffs Plads, Kalvebod Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark
Type Urban space
Client SEB Bank and Pension
Design period 2007-10
Realization 2010-11
Area 7300 m2
Partner Rambøll, Lundgaard & Tranberg

SEB is living proof that you can create value with urban space. The branding value of our landscape is five times bigger than what a regular branding campaign with the same budget could have given us

  Peter Høltermand, CEO of SEB, Arkitekten March 2011