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Budolfi Square and Algade - Aalborg

SLA is behind Aalborg's new, green urban spaces and pocket parks on Budolfi Square and Algade. Together, they connect the city's pedestrian streets and offer new conditions for city life and community in Aalborg's historic center. The parking lots that previously occupied Budolfi Square have been moved underground, while the citizens now occupy the lush new urban space on top. As a new layer to the city's history, the square has been transformed into an attractive, elevated urban space with good opportunities for lingering in the sun or having a cup of coffee among lush plant beds and large trees. Algade's light pavement lies as an extensive trace of various formats and surfaces, sending references to the course and historical layers of the medieval city. Together with the planting and new and recycled furniture, Budolfi Church and the surrounding historic buildings are staged in both a dignified and modern setting.


The transformations process started in 2015, where SLA created the masterplan for the entire area. This was based on thorough analyzes of the site's conditions, such as pedestrian flows, weather and wind conditions, and the microclimate. In the following years, the project proposal for Budolfi Square followed, which ensured the many qualities of urban spaces in the further development and realization, as well as the design of Algade's new pocket park and streetscape. As the last space, Budolfi Square was inaugurated in November 2019. SLA has acted as Aalborg Municipality's advisor during the whole process and ensured that the quality of the urban space execution has lived up to the project proposal and the guidelines and ambitions of the quality program.


Service Masterplan, quality program for buildings, consultancy and design of urban spaces. Design of Budolfi Square until schematic design.
Location Aalborg, Denmark
Client The Municipality of Aalborg
Design period 2015-2018
Realization 2019
Area 13,800 m2
Collaborators byMUNCH, Kjaer & Richter, NCC and ÅF Lighting


SLA's quality program has shaped the planning of new buildings around Budolfi Square and ensured that the qualities of the urban space had first priority in the development. The new buildings are adapted to the urban space - not the other way around. In this way, Budolfi Square has succeeded in giving the area around Budolfi Church a new buzzing life and in becoming an attractive focal point for new cafés, shops and housing that in recent years have sprouted around the square.