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The development plan for the harbour area in Oslo and the adjacent seven urban spaces starts with the outdoor spaces. The development plan ties the city centre to the fjord, the outlet of Akerselva (river), the Central Station and the new Opera. Every space is given its own distinct identity while black basalt spreads through the entire area and creates unity. The simplicity of the design makes the spaces resilient to accommodate for future development.  


Service Masterplan and design of urban spaces
Location Bispevika, Lohavn, Bjørvika and Oslo Harbour in Norway
Type 1. price in invited competition
Client Bjørvika Infrastruktur, Bjørvika Utvikling, Oslo S Utvikling, Stor-Oslo Eiendom
Design period 2004 - 2005
Realization 2005-
Area 18 hectare
Partners Gehl Architects

New urban areas are often created with buildings in mind and their urban spaces emerge as empty voids in between the buildings. In Bjørvika the planning happens the other way around.