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The Belvedere Bridge

The Belvedere Bridge creates a new connection between Frederiks Brygge and Enghave Brygge and brings a poetic silence to the rough industrial area. The new bike- and footbridge is the missing link in a series of new connections that makes it possible for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy the entire waterfront of Copenhagen. The construction of the bridge is based on the principles of Japanese origami and is an assembly of folded sheets of steel that strengthen the construction and give the bridge a light and floating expression. The red bricks and rusty steel found in the area are reflected in the red color on the outside of the bridge and is in strong contrast with the black rubber coated inside. The rubber absorbs the noise from the bikes and pedestrians and the result is a short, silent and poetic experience in the middle of the rough and noisy industrial neighborhood of Sydhavnen. 

Service: Design
Location: Sydhavn, Copenhagen
Client: The Municipality of Copenhagen
Realization: 2016
Collaborators: Rambøll, Jens Ostenfeld

“With the new Belvedere Bridge, the pedestrians and cyclist can reach the entire Copenhagen waterfront, without having to cross the uninspiring and heavily trafficked Vasbygade.”


- Morten Kabell, Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs of Copenhagen