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Ballerup Station Area - A pulsating City Center

SLA winning proposal for Ballerup City Center utilizes the suburb’s characteristic, pulsating commuter patterns as an important inspiration in the design of city’s most central urban space: Ballerup Station Area. The urban space marks the beginning of the future densification of Ballerup’s city center and includes ever-changing urban experiences with efficient public transport and traffic management. Ballerup Station Area will become an active and welcoming everyday-space in rush hour as well as late at night, when the last commuter returns from a long days work. Instead of creating setting for as much urban life as possible, the proposal aims to create a varied and diverse urban life, matching the suburbs pulsating city life with sensuous experiences varying with the weather, the season and the time of the day. 


Service Urban space design and masterplan
Location Ballerup, Denmark
Type 1. prize proposal, competition
Client The Municipality of Ballerup and Realdania
Design 2016 -
Area 25.000 m2 (Station area 12.000 m2)
Collaborators Holscher Nordberg and Atkins 



Team SLA ‘s proposal will create an attractive and flexible urban space for activities as well as quiet breaks in the everyday urban life of Ballerup. The colorful, seasonal change in the vegetation and the variation in the paved surfaces create a thought out urban storytelling that will make the Station Area worth a visit all year round.


-Astrid Bruus Thomsen, Program manager in Realdania.